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Louisville Dryer Company custom manufactures rotary drying equipment to meet the demands of the customer’s process. Our in-house team of engineers can take an application from concept to production starting with the supply of production rates, inlet moisture content and desired product discharge content. With our vast experience in handling a variety of products, our process engineers will run the necessary calculations to determine the heat load and dryer size required. Handling all aspects of a “green field” type installation is part of what we do every day.
We at Louisville Dryer Company also have the ability to do jobs that are not so ordinary. Each project creates new challenges. We are providers of true custom engineering solutions to complex problems. Below are a few examples of engineering projects to help illustrate the breadth of our capabilities:

A customer needs to replace an old deteriorating dryer with an original design based on 1950s technology. Louisville Dryer Company designed a new dryer shell with high efficiency flighting and upgraded seals, while utilizing existing feed and discharge equipment, to minimize the investment and improve the operation for the customer.
A company needs to replace a large dryer with a complete plant built around it. But the existing dryer is too large to get out, with a new unit installed without tearing down the building. Not a problem for Louisville Dryer Company. We custom designed a replacement shell manufactured in multiple pieces to facilitate installation inside the existing facility. The unit was built in its entirety in our facility with all run-outs and quality checks complete before breaking apart for shipment and installation. Individual sections were supplied with ends prepared for field welding and fixtures supplied for re-alignment in the field.
A customer needed to replace an old dryer wanted to re-use existing trunnion and drive base piers. Also, production rates needed to be increased. Louisville Dryer Company sent a team of engineers to the field to measure and survey the plant site and custom design a larger dryer to fit within the existing space constraints and re-use all of the items specified.
This customer had a surplus steam tube dryer that has been taken out of service. But recent changes in plant demands require the addition of a cooler following their drying process. Louisville Dryer Company evaluated the operation and custom designed a solution to convert the old steam tube dryer into a water tube cooler. The old dryer was shipped to Louisville and completely re-built adding the needed components to achieve the cooling operation.
Dryer custom engineering
Dryer custom engineering

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