Direct-Fired Dryers

  • Steam Tube Drying is thermally very efficient and friendly as heat loss through the cylinder wall is minimal since the steam tubes are fully enclosed by the dryer.
  • This indirect heat system is also much safer for processing temperature-sensitive organics and volatile chemicals that could catch fire even at low temperatures.
  • The exhaust gas from the dryer is about 80 % less than what is required for direct heat dryers, which significantly reduces the size and cost of the air pollution control equipment.
  • Using saturated steam enables us to maintain an inert environment – which is safer for your materials and production/maintenance team.
  • Since Steam Tube Dryers process under lower temperatures and without gases present in a direct-fired dryer, your material will not get scorched or burnt as much as it might from using Direct Heat Dryers.
  • Thus, your material will maintain or receive better coloring, and its bypass proteins will be protected by not being overheated (which is important for digestion of Distillers Dried Grains by livestock).
Steam Tube Dryers

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