High-Pressure Steam tube Dryers

For processing materials at higher steam pressures and temperatures, Louisville Dryer has steam chest designs capable of 450 psig/700F service.

Certain processes require higher temperatures for driving other reactions rather than simple drying. Since Louisville Steam Tube Dryers require no heated air to process materials in the dryer, Louisville High-Pressure Steam Tube Dryers (often combined with Louisville’s “CS” Continuous Seal design) are used in many processes as rotary reactors to react granular solids with a process gas stream under high temperatures.

In applications where materials are free-flowing or readily soluble, finned tubes can be incorporated to maximize heat transfer surface area and conductive heat transfer.

De-superheater systems can be supplied to saturate steam supply to maximize the use of latent heat and increase effective heat transfer. These special Louisville Dryer designs are often used in processing minerals and inorganic chemicals, and in the manufacture of soda ash converting sodium bicarbonate to sodium carbonate, and sodium bicarbonate to sodium monohydrate.

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