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The service and maintenance life of any piece of rotary equipment is based on not only the quality and design of the equipment but also the precision in which each component is installed and aligned.

The rolling components (tires and trunnions) and drive components (gear set, or chain and sprockets) are designed for full contact. Improper alignment at assembly will cause immediate wear of these critical components and create the need for frequent maintenance repairs.

The precise alignment of the feed and discharge breechings to the bases and the rotating shell has a major impact on how material enters and discharges the rotary equipment and the proper function and service life of the seal assemblies.

At Louisville Dryer Company, we truly understand this. That is why we have a professional, in-house rotary equipment installation staff to ensure each Louisville unit is properly assembled, aligned, and secured on its foundations. We can provide technicians to work with your personnel to verify assembly and alignment.

Or LDC can provide the equipment and manpower to handle the complete installation project. We specialize in working with our clients to develop the best plan to remove existing equipment and installing new, higher performance equipment, while minimizing any or all site modifications.

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