After mechanical installation and assembly, Louisville Dryer Technicians will remain on site to begin pre-commissioning and commissioning performance tests.

Cold no-load tests verify initial alignments and settings of all of the rotating and drive components. Lubrication systems are started, drive amperages logged, seal runout and temperatures monitored, functionality of feed and discharge equipment verified, operation of dryer exhaust handling equipment verified.

Once the cold no-load tests are completed, hot no-load running tests are performed. The “blow down” process for Steam Tube Dryers to remove any residual debris from upstream piping work is performed. Initial low-temperature firing of combustion systems is performed on direct heat dryers, kilns, and calciners. Units are gradually brought up to temperature/pressure while all systems and components are monitored and adjusted if required.

Material feed is then brought online and slowly increased to design rates and process conditions. Once steady state is achieved, the final alignment of the rolling components can be evaluated and adjusted if required. Seal assembly tension, purge gas, and cooling media rates adjusted. Lubrication systems application rates are adjusted. Combustion systems and off-gas equipment systems are optimized for performance efficiency.

The commissioning phase is also where operational and maintenance training occurs. LDC technicians familiarize the plant staff with routine daily, weekly, and monthly inspections to identify any deviation from normal operations. LDC technicians address hands-on training for basic alignment of the rolling components and use of measuring devices to ensure alignment, how to identify lubrication system issues, and how to identify early stages of wear and develop plans of corrective action.

After commissioning, LDC technicians are available for yearly or quarterly preventative maintenance inspections to work with operations and maintenance teams to ensure maximum operational and mechanical efficiency.

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