Pipe Manifold

The Louisville Dryer Pipe Manifold is an alternative to the Fabricated Steam Chest design. The Pipe Manifold is comprised of concentric rings of pipe, one for each row of steam tube in the dryer, set on different planes, which are connected to a center steam and condensate distribution chamber with steam supply pipes, and condensate return pipes. Each row of steam tubes extends through the dryer and is welded to its corresponding manifold ring.

The Louisville Dryer Pipe Manifold design incorporates the same proprietary Louisville Stationary Siphon Design Technology which has a higher condensate discharge capacity than rotating siphon designs. Dried product can be discharged though ports in the periphery of the shell as well as through the center of the manifold. Because of this, the Louisville Dryer Pipe Manifold design is a good option for high volume, low bulk density applications.

The Louisville Pipe Manifold design is also a good design option for processes that start and stop frequently. The frequent starts and stops can create problems with steam gasket sealing function, and tube to tube sheet connections, creating nuisance steam leaks. Since the steam tubes are welded directly to the manifold rings, the opportunity for such nuisance leaks is greatly diminished.

Certain municipalities’ pressure vessel designation criteria find the pipe manifold design to be considered piping rather than a pressure vessel. In these municipalities, the Pipe Manifold design can simplify operating and inspection requirements.

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