Replacement Drums & Shells

Do you have a rotary dryer that has given you many years of service but now seems to have gotten tired and shrunk? The shell thickness isn’t what it used to be? Material coming out of holes that shouldn’t be there?

We have seen customers ask these questions over the years, and we have the answer. LDC has done numerous projects involving replacement drums and shells that may include new tires, drive systems, trunnions, and housings.

With the technical experience of our field engineers and our own manufacturing facility, we are able to assess the status of your existing equipment and fabricate replacement shells for any make of rotary equipment – whether they are dryers, coolers, or kilns.


replacement drums and shells Louisville Dryer

A mining and chemical company processing sodium sulfate had two direct heat dryers which were beyond their useful life cycle. The feed end of the units were partially nested in a building and the dryers were surrounded by dust control and process equipment. Louisville Dryer developed a plan to build each of the replacement dryer drums in three sections. Each section was flanged so that the drum could be completely assembled in the LDC shop to hold to normal run-outs. The dryer sections were lifted into place, flange mounted and the sections were field welded. The result was a fully fabricated drum operating to factory specifications.

A secondary led smelter was exhibiting frequent outages from an old dryer drum processing battery internals. The heat fluctuation had taken a toll on the integrity of the tire mounting on the outside of the shell. Also, acid attacks on internal components had decreased the efficiency of the dryer severely. Louisville Dryer designed a new drum with a tire mounting designed for the high temperature. A new stainless steel replacement drum was manufactured and installed. The customer couldn’t be happier.

replacement dryer

A replacement dryer was installed by a refractory manufacturer. The dryer orientation was changed from counterflow to parallel flow to eliminate caking in the drum. LDC was able to increase efficiency and tonnage through the use of a new burner and updated flighting system, while utilizing the same dust control system.

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