Safety is Important to Us.

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We believe that a safety culture consists of shared beliefs, practices, and attitudes that exist in a company. We believe that the most important link in our safety chain is YOU: our employees and our customers. We achieve this through:

• Management of employee assumption and beliefs

• Management of employee attitudes

• Sharing values, debunking myths, and telling job stories

• Louisville Dryer is an approved OSHA General Industry, and OSHA Construction courses

• We maintain two onsite OSHA approved Instructors

• We maintain two onsite MSHA approved Instructors

• Employee Training and Motivation (at LDC, all employees hold the OSHA 10hr General Industry card)

• Field service team is led by OSHA 30hr card holders in general industry and construction.

• We are an approved training facility in the MSHA 48B training program

• Strong policies and procedures

• Supervisors’ priorities, responsibilities and accountability

• Production and the bottom-line pressures vs. quality issues

• Actions or lack of action to correct unsafe behaviors

• Employee involvement “buy-in”


Louisville Dryer has a strong behavior-based safety culture. We have two full-time MSHA and OSHA approved Instructors on staff who train employees and implement our safety plans.

And our Safety Team at Louisville Dryer is constantly evaluating at-risk behaviors and seeking better and safer ways to increase production and quality. We are experiencing low accident rates, low turn-over, low absenteeism, and a high productivity.

The facts speak for themselves: It shows in our Insurance modification rate which now hovers around .73, and we have 1.5 million man-hours worked with no lost-time incidents since 2012.

We are committed to our safety culture and we hope you join us in ensuring all links in the safety chain are secure and working together.

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