Standard Steam Chest

Standard Steam Chest

Most applications operating at nominal 150 psig steam pressures, and slight negative pressure inside the drying chamber, utilize a peripheral product discharge design, and fabricated steam chest.

Dried product discharges through ports in the shell at the steam chest end of the dryer. These ports are enclosed by the discharge housing which incorporates belt seals between the stationary housing and sealing surfaces on the rotating shell to minimize air leakage into the dryer. The dryer’s steam tubes are attached to the tube sheet, process side of the steam chest, and can be accessed through hand-holes on the outer surface of the steam chest.

Steam is supplied to the dryer, and condensate is removed from the dryer, by means of a rotary steam joint mounted on a flange centered on a distribution chamber in the middle of the steam chest. This steam and condensate chamber contains a partition to separate and direct the flow of steam into the dryer and condensate removal.

The Louisville Dryer Steam Chest design utilizes a stationary siphon to continuously remove condensate from the steam chest. The continuous operation of a stationary siphon has a much greater condensate removal capacity than gravity type condensate discharge designs.

standard steam chest

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