Process Advantages of Steam Tube Drying

  • The rugged design of direct-fired dryers are well suited for handling high process rates of inorganic materials such as aggregate, sand, and foundry waste.
  • Their operation is based on the combustion system (burner) being directly coupled to the rotating shell. Therefore, the combustion process (flame) occurs inside the rotating shell.
  • Direct-fired dryers can accommodate high moisture materials with smaller air pollution control system demands.
  • Allows for greater production rates with the most efficient use of fuel.
  • Can accommodate high-temperature heating for processing materials beyond just moisture removal.
  • Using all three forms of heat transfer, our direct-fired dryers come in two modes of operation (depending on the application): counter-current and co-current.
Steam Tube Dryers

See Our DDGS Case Study which compares the benefits of a Steam Tube Dryer vs. a Direct-Fire Dryer for a specific application:

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