Steam Tube Dryers

Who builds the longest-lasting Rotary Steam Tube Dryers?

Steam Tube Dryers

The steam tube dryer generally operates at a lower temperature than other dryers and rotates at a slower speed. Material tumbles gently around the tubes that rotate with the shell. This is unlike the friction forces required by other types of dryers to process material. Therefore, our Louisville Steam Tube Dryer enjoys a longer lifespan than most other dryers. Best of all, Steam Tube Dryers require very little maintenance, resulting in fewer expenses.

Louisville Steam Tube Dryers have proven superior to other types of indirect-heat dryer installations. For instance, in other dryers hot gas, rather than steam, is used as the heat source. Maintenance savings alone have often prompted the replacement of other dryer systems with the Steam Tube Dryer.

Watch to learn how we custom-engineer robust Steam Tube Dryers for processing Dried Distillers Grains (DDGS) and numerous other materials.


Photo Gallery Featuring Some of Our Custom Fabricated Steam Tube Dryers

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