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Are you finding that capital budgets are being cut but the equipment costs do not fit into shrinking budgets? LDC has expertise with used and reconditioned equipment that can provide a solution to your needs yet minimize the impact on your budget. In these trying economic times, many industrial processors are finding a need to improve or upgrade their existing equipment to maintain or create a competitive edge, or just to run more efficiently. Yet, in many cases, the budget just does not allow for that new expenditure.

LDC, with its own shop and shipping facilities, an extensive field presence, and experienced in-house personnel, is in a unique position to be able to provide reconditioned equipment. We are proud to say that we have saved customers as much as half the amount of the cost of new. We have found that most competitors don’t have a shop nor the expertise to properly recondition existing equipment.

We believe that our long history of reconditioning equipment gives us an edge when looking at a potential opportunity for our customer. In some cases, we can re-use key portions of the equipment such as trunnions, drive systems, or even the shell. In other cases, we have manufactured a larger capacity unit able to keep the same footprint. This offers many advantages regarding environmental and other permitting policies.


reconditioned dryer

A major coal processor needed to provide their own magnetite but could not justify the purchase of a new dryer. LDC located a used drum, which had been discarded. The drum and drive system was totally reconditioned, saving the customer nearly half the cost of a new unit.

reconditioned and used dryer Louisville Dryer CompanyA Midwest Wet Corn Mill had expanded their feed house operations by installing a new larger steam tube dryer with 50% greater surface area. The existing Steam Tube Dryer (STD) was still structurally sound with years of remaining life. Mid Spring through early Fall product storage temperatures was problematic for the mill. Louisville Dryer engineered a solution to utilize the original STD to solve the seasonal cooling problem by converting the dryer into a Water Tube Cooler (WTC). The dryer was shipped to LDC who made the conversion in the factory during the winter months, saving the mill tens of thousands of dollars in field costs, and meeting the production needs for the next spring.
dryerA composite building materials manufacturer had increased production needs beyond the capacity of their extenders. Substantial production gains could be realized by pre-drying the wood flour prior to the extrusion process. They found a used STD fabricated in stainless steel with the surface area capable of meeting the drying requirements, but it had a cast steel steam chest rated for low-pressure operation, a cracked tire, and was missing the vent header assembly, feed assembly. The dryer was sent to the LDC factory where, for less than half the cost, and half the time required to manufacture a new STD, the unit was re-manufactured.

reconditioned and used dryer Louisville Dryer Company

An Oilseeds processor seized an opportunity to bring another process online quickly. Permitting issues had slowed the process and they only had 14 weeks to have a new STD shipped to the site. Working with the Louisville Dryer Team they were able to identify components in the “boneyards” of three of their other plants that LDC could incorporate into the manufacture of a new dryer. A steam chest, tires, trunnion bases, and a drive assembly were all shipped to the LDC factory where they were reconditioned. Fourteen weeks later the almost new dryer was loaded on transports.

Louisville Dryer Company

One of the largest municipal waste glass recyclers in the USA had been forced to discontinue operations in a Northern City due to process emissions. Their own direct fired dryer design that had served their other facilities well was one of the primary problems, causing VOC emissions and odors. All of the plant’s equipment had been disassembled and shipped to other sites, but the operations were concerned about using the problem equipment. The dryer was sent to Louisville Dryer who engineered a solution to convert the dryer from counter-current operation to co-current. During the conversion, all of the rolling components were upgraded. In addition, the direct-fired combustion system was replaced with a process air heater that provided lower drying gas temperatures alleviating the process emissions.

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